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August 20, 2019
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February 4, 2020
This is epic and it’s all because of YOU!

It is such an honor at Boles Automotive, Concord to help you change a child’s life. Through Operation Christmas Child you can be a hero to a child in need.

We have the VERY BEST CLIENTS! You’ve proven that to us year after year. Each of you is so incredibly special to us. It is such an honor to be your mechanic. So we want to piggyback on your awesomeness and do our part in seeing you help others this Christmas! Let’s get together and help children through Operation Christmas Child Boles Automotive Concord.

Operation Christmas Child is an amazing event that provides children around the world with an incredible box of goodies at Christmas as well as giving them a chance to hear about God. There is no greater feeling that the selfless act of kindness. It’s so addicting we are hoping we can get some of those good feelings when we help you! It is such an honor at Boles Automotive, Concord to help you change a child’s life through Operation Christmas Child. You can be a hero to a child in need.

We have it so easy compared to so many.

There are often times I sit in my office at the end of a long hard day and find myself complaining about the troubles of the day. It’s so easy to forget that I am blessed beyond measure and that I absolutely do NOT deserve to sit where I sit. I do not deserve to have YOU, my amazing clients. It’s so wonderful to live in Concord, NC where we have beautiful parks, amazing places to eat and the so many beautiful places nearby to visit. I don’t deserve the family and friends I have. Yet…….here I am and here I sit thinking about those who might feel my life is a distant dream.

Well these boxes, little they may be, are exactly what sets those dreams in motion to become reality. You are the people who made my dream come true and I’d be honored if we could help you be the reason others dreams come true too!

occ distribution at school

There are THREE ways you can help!

  • Pick up a box from us and fill it with goodies
  • Donate cash to us and we’ll fill a box for you.
  • Share this blog post with friends and family on social media.

Giving selflessly to others is so rare to be allowed to do but it is so rewarding. This is such an amazing opportunity to be involved in. Whether your in our shop for an oil change or a major repair we would love to take a moment to hear how we can help you be a hero to a child in need. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Without you we would not be here.

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Samaritan’s Purse has made it easy for us to all join together and spread the amazing word of God to children around the world. Through Operation Christmas Child we are given an amazing chance to change a life. Read more about this incredible event at

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