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February 20, 2018
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March 16, 2018
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We’ve been in business almost 7 years now! All we can say is WOW.

When we opened our shop we had no idea just how many amazing and wonderful people we would get to know. My main goal was to help people. That was it. Simple right. Just provide help, do it quickly and be honest. We first opened near Harrisburg on a side road no one every traveled. The guys at Advance Auto Parts would occasionally hand out our cards and some of those people gave us a call. I hoped we would earn enough to cover the bills but never imagined the reward of friendship being so great. Fast forward a few years and we were able to purchase the location we are at now. We are close to Ben Mynatt Chevrolet and on a much more heavily traveled street. The amount of cars that pass by each day is more than ever passed my first location in 4 years! But none of this matters as much as everyone who I’ve come to know. I’m pretty busy but I still get to spend time with with everyone. I might be in the middle of a brake job or doing a timing belt or some other repair on a car but I love to find time to talk. My clients are the best!! It’s hard to call them my clients….I mean they are my clients but a lot of them are my friends. Some I feel like are family. Sure there are a few that are just clients and that’s ok. Not everyone wants to be buddies with everyone they meet (I on the other hand love making friends!). We’ve been very blessed to have so many amazing people come into our lives because of this business. I hardly get to claim it as ours…..this place is theirs. Every smile, every prayer, every laughter and yes even times we’ve all sat and cried together. All of those moments happened in here. What a place!



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