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September 23, 2019
Electric SUV’s are here and they don’t need to stop to fill up.

Electric Vehicles are Getting Better – Fast!

They aren’t tiny anymore. Electric Vehicles are growing in a big way. The days of slow, odd-shaped, miniature cars are coming to an end. Bigger, roomier, faster, more powerful electric vehicles on the way. Are Concord, Harrisburg, and the Charlotte, NC areas ready? Not quite. Is there an electric vehicle mechanic in the Concord and Charlotte area. Yep! You’ve found us! Here’s what we’re looking forward to and a quick look at one way EV’s will be a huge benefit to us all.

Look at the booming growth of Harrisburg and you can see how electric vehicles will fit right in. Shopping is less than a mile from most homes. Dining is minutes from the house. These short trips barely tick the energy bar on the current EV’s. With ranges of 250+ miles common for a few years now, even a daily commute into Charlotte will barely affect most people.

Getting more done, in comfort, without distractions.

EV’s are growing in popularity and size. Did you see Chevrolet’s Super Bowl ad? GM chose to advertise their all-electric push for the upcoming models. Audi tempted us with their E-Tron SUV. In the weeks before the big game we watched Tesla stock soar to incredible heights. Rivian is building a line of electric trucks in partnership with Ford and Amazon. Companies from around the world are popping up to challenge the traditional auto manufacturers as the automotive market pivots to zero emissions. SUV’s, trucks, and even supercars are showing up with increasingly innovative electric offerings. Even the old Nissan Leaf has undergone incredible styling and performance upgrades since it’s lackluster launch in 2011. Electric vehicles are here to stay. Are you still stuck at the pump? Let’s chat about that for just a moment.

Sorry kids, mommy doesn’t need to stop at the gas station.

The Elephant In The Room Really Is Just In Your Mind.

“An electric car takes so long to charge!” – But does it really affect you? Tell me this, are you driving your car at this very moment? Are you driving it while you’re in your office chair? Are you driving it while you sleep?

You see, the challenge is not in the time it takes to charge an electric car. The challenge is in the way we think about refueling. For so long we’ve been quarantined to gas stations. Usually, there are two entrances/exits and a nice little building filled with things we do not need. Candy, soda, chips, cigarettes and tons of other opportunities to spend a few more dollars lay just inside. The worst part isn’t that we have accepted this, but that we have come to depend on it.

Charge everywhere instead of just at a pump.

Freedom From The Pump

Imagine there is no gas station. What if there is no need to stop on the way home from work or during the mad rush to work? Just what if you never needed to stand by a fuel pump again. Imagine that FREEDOM. When you charge your vehicle from your parking space you completely cut out those hours spent each month chained to a pump. If that doesn’t work for you imagine the money you’ll save by never needing to stop at a convenient store. If you have kids, that last benefit alone is worth the switch.

Stop Thinking “Gas Pump” & Start Living Free

We have to stop thinking about “filling up” and start thinking about sustaining investment. We invest in our gas power cars every time we fill the tank up. Since there is no other time we can get fuel, we invest a large amount at a single time.

Investing in refueling an EV is different. There is freedom to invest at different times, at different locations and in different amounts. You can recharge at home, at the parking garage when you shop, and possibly at your parking space at work. Most public parks now having EV specific parking spots. I see charging parking spots showing up everywhere. They’re appearing at the grocery store, the mall, the post office, and local ball fields. Tell me, how would it look if a gas pump were located at these places? If thinking of that is odd I can tell you the only reason why is because we have been trained to think of fuel as coming from just one location – the gas station. We can now stop thinking that way. Those days are gone! Now that is FREEDOM!

It takes special training and special tools to repair EV’s

Boles Automotive Service Center Repairs Electric Cars / EV’s

YES – We fix electric cars. YES – We fix electric trucks. YES – We work on hybrids and plug-in vehicles. We are electric vehicle certified and have the training required to work on the complex systems inside your electric vehicle. Looking for an electric vehicle mechanic in Concord, Harrisburg, Charlotte or Kannapolis? Give us a call. We perform battery health check-ups, electric motor diagnosis, hybrid repairs, lithium-ion battery replacements, and many other services.

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