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February 20, 2018
Master Mechanic…what does that REALLY mean?
April 20, 2018

Brakes, Wheels, Engine Parts all need to be torque properly.

So what’s that long wrench and what does it do?

That is a torque wrench and it allows a mechanic the ability to ensure fasteners are properly tightened.

We are all familiar with the sound of a technicians air tools. Air tools are great for helping us take apart things more quickly. They can also be used to install things quickly BUT the final tightening of important nuts or bolts should always be performed with a torque wrench. In this pic I’m tightening a wheel on Nissan Pathfinder. I had just installed new brake pads and inspected the suspension for needed repairs. The tires are very worn on the inside edge telling me that the alignment needs to be corrected. Finishing the brake repair I install the wheels with the lug nuts finger tight. I lower the vehicle enough to keep the wheels from rotating while I tighten the lug nuts. Using a torque wrench I tighten each lug nut to 83 ft/lbs in a crisscross pattern. This ensure the wheel seats properly on the hub. Doing this by hand also ensures that the lug studs are not damaged. If an air tool is used the nuts can be over tightened resulting in stud damage or even shaking during braking. It seems like such a simple part of working on a vehicle…..installing a wheel, but even the simplest tasks must be performed with accuracy and attention to procedure. Make sure whoever is working on your vehicle is using this tool. If they aren’t chances are they could do some damage.

We always torque wheels to the factory specified amount with a torque wrench whenever we service your vehicle. It not only shows we care, it gives us peace of mind that we have completed the job properly. Thank you for reading this. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Elma says:

    Thanks, it’s very informative

  2. If you have a second… I do have a question. What do you think of Enkei rims? I’m planning to buy a set for my 350z Thanks in advance for your answer. :]

    • Mark Boles says:

      Enkei makes a lot of factory rims for auto manufacturers. They are a great wheel company. I wouldn’t be worried to purchase them. I’ve had quite a few sets of theirs in the past. Thanks for asking and I apologize for the delayed reply.

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