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March 16, 2018
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May 23, 2019

Proof we work hard to be the best we can for you.

Is your mechanic the BEST option available to you?

So what does it really mean that your mechanic has been certified as a master?

Gaining a master certification takes quite a long time. You cannot obtain it simply by going to college. It is very difficult to obtain and most will never achieve it. There are several different version of Master one can obtain. The most common is ASE Master Certification. ASE stands Automotive Service Excellence and is offered through the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. ASE appeared in 1972 as a way to provide proof that service facilities employed individuals who truly were capable of properly repairing vehicles. In today’s world ASE’s are often required by service centers if a mechanic is to be trusted with more than simple service work. Most technicians I have worked with did not achieve their master certification until around their 10th year in the business. Automotive manufacturers require this prior to obtaining a manufacturer specific master certification.

Yes – I am an ASE Master Technician. I have been one since 2008 and have recertified within every 4 years.

This brings us to Manufacturer Master Certifications. I obtained a Master Technician status from Nissan North America in 2009. In order to do so I had to have already obtained my ASE Master Certification. Once that had been obtained I could complete testing and classes to prove I had obtained the skills and knowledge to be considered for a Nissan Master Technician certification. Knowledge of very single area of a vehicle, understanding the engineering within and knowing how to quickly and accurately repair them is required to gain a manufacturers highest certification. It has been one of the biggest honors in my lifetime.


What this means when you visit Boles Automotive Service Center, LLC is that I have been there. I have done that. I might not have seen it before but you can bet I have the training and the resources to successfully address any concern you might have. While I worked at Nissan and Infiniti it was not a question of if we could repair a vehicle but more of how efficiently we could do so. On any given day I might replace an engine, install new leather to a seat, repair an electrical short, install brakes, repair and align a suspension, mount/balance tires, diagnose an engine that’s running rough, install clutch packs into a transmission and more. When a new vehicle is released no only has the general public never seen it….WE’VE NEVER SEEN IT. A scenario for example is when a customer brings me a car with 1,000 miles on it and is experiencing some crazy electrical issue or has some sort of odd engine operation and that vehicle was just released by the manufacturer. In the dealerships we had to be able to fix those vehicles without vehicle specific training, often without adequate technical information and also with zero experience with that model (since it’s brand new). But we did. Us, the masters who worked there would be the ones to confirm the customers concern, isolate the failure and repair the system to normal operational functions.

You’d think every tech in a dealership is a Master….NO….normally there are less than three and some dealers have NONE. Out of a shop full of technicians can you be sure your vehicle is being serviced by the most skilled mechanic in the dealership? No.

This is where I come in. At Boles Automotive Service Center in Concord, NC you can know that there is a Master Certified Technician on duty and all the experience and knowledge I have obtained will be used to help you. People often ask what all I can “do” to a car. The truth is I have touched, replaced, repaired, soldered, connected, fastened, cleaned, reprogrammed, balanced, adjusted and whatever else thing that can be “done” to a car. And I do it well, with your family, your wallet and your trust at heart.

To me, Master Technician is more than just proof I know what I’m doing….it’s an obligation to do the very best I can for you and your family.

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