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February 20, 2018
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Mark working on brakes at Boles Automotive Service Center

When searching for the best mechanic in Concord or Charlotte, what should you look for?

Automotive mechanics are not all equal. The automotive field is vast and complex. Cars and trucks today have more technology in them than ever before. 10 years ago most vehicles were naturally aspirated (no turbo/supersharger) with fuel injection. Variable valve timing was widely in use but without the ability it has today. Now we have Direct Injection Gasoline (DGI, GDI, etc), turbochargers, variable compression engines and higher fuel economy than every before. Manual transmissions now cost more than automatics and the automatic transmission is being replaced by the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). We have telematics integrated into our navigation systems and even mobile apps on the dash that work in conjunction with our phones. Yep, things are changing quickly.

With so much advancement in technology how do we know who is qualified to work on our cars? Yes you know eventually I am going to tell you that I can do it but I want to add more then that. I want to add my experience as a dealership tech and explain what changes I’ve seen.

The first day I put on a uniform for a major manufacturer I was very proud. I had landed a job with Mazda.

The first lesson I learned was not mechanical, electrical or even really car related. It was customer related. My shop foreman said “This is the last place they can bring their car. If we can’t fix it no one can. That means we have to fix it. They have no option and we can’t let them down.”

That has stuck with me for decades. I carried that mindset to Infiniti and Nissan as I grew in experience and certification. Even now as I operate my own shop without the aid of the dealership I try to be the last stop for my customers. The place they can go and know they will be taken care of.

That’s what being the best mechanic is all about. It’s not about being the best mechanic vs other mechanics. It’s about being the best mechanic for your customer, client, friend. Doing the best job I can isn’t proportional to the pay of a job but rather it is a required effort for me to feel as though I have done what I am supposed to do.

Second to that is education and experience. They go hand in hand within the automotive industry. Someone fresh out of college might know on paper how an eccentric shaft affects valve lift in a Nissan motor but until they have diagnoses a real world issue with that system they have no real way of knowing how to see problems with it. Not every technician in the dealership is experienced. In fact, most have very little experience compared to a master technician. Most dealerships employ only one or two master technicians. Some dealerships don’t employ any! How do you know if the tech working on your car knows what he’s doing? You don’t.

So back to the beginning where I said I’d obviously be plugging myself here. Well I am. I can help you with almost any automotive need. Transmission slipping, check engine light on, brakes grinding, seat not working, air bag light flashing, suspension popping, misfires, vibrations, parts falling off….you name it. If I can’t help you I will do my best to give you the information you need in order to make a smart decision about what to do next. Taking care of YOU is my most important goal.

Thank you for reading all of this! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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